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The concept for the SWBA, Salt Water Bass Anglers tournament series grew from grass roots tournaments the founders had independently organized along the Southern California coast. Those first tournaments grabbed the attention of local fisherman, tackle stores and manufacturers. With the growing success at each event, the idea of a yearlong catch and release series was born.

Mixing ideas from freshwater bass circuits and the unique characteristics of the California salt water bass fishery, a high level of angler interest and participation was immediately created. This had never been done before.

The SWBA created a tournament trail visiting new locations each season, targeting the 3 species of saltwater bass along the California coast. This diversity would bring showcased events from Santa Barbara to San Diego counties. A successful series model was created, accommodating the entire boating demographic.

Through its evolution the SWBA series continues to benefit both the anglers and the fishing industry through its competitive platform. Anglers test, use, and promote new products, providing valuable feedback to companies and stores who use this information for product growth and development.

SWBA has remained conservation minded of the fisheries, ecosystems and environments along the California coast. It has been and still remains our practice to organize well-run, environmentally friendly, affordable events that are fun to fish, competitive and held on level playing fields.

To Find our more or Register for an SWBA event, visit them at swbaseries.com

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